If you want to arrange donation by Credit Card:

Visit https://payments.changelly.com
Just add an EUR amount (based on the validity you want) and choose one of the crypto currencies, e.g. LTC or ETH.

If you don’t have the EUR currency in your country, e.g. USD, you can simply use the following currency exchanger to find out the real amount in your local currency:

Use one of the following Crypto addresses:

Litecoin, LTC:


Ethereum, ETH:


Bitcoin, BTC:


Better use Coinbase.com (tutorial) while you enjoy fair and reasonable low fees.

BTC has huge fees, thats why we recommend LTC or ETH
By  the way, do not use Binance.com for external transaction, they taking huge fees for external transactions !

Do NOT send BTC to LTC address, I mean, do not mix up different coins.
If you buy LTC and want to send it, then send your LTC to the LTC address (and NOT to the BTC or ETH address).

==> e.g.: from LTC to LTC , or from ETH  to ETH, or from BTC to BTC <==

Let me know when done/sent and I’m going to check my wallet and once the transaction turns from pending into confirmed, I’ll confirm and notify it back to you.